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At Miller Joiner Residential Contractors, Inc., our crew is familiar with historic home restoration, including the regulations and techniques involved. We know how to handle a whole-house renovation or a partial renovation. Our team can rebuild a house from the ground up, or we can just replace the roof, home exterior, windows or other components. We're also skilled in saving or duplicating historic interior woodwork, including complex crown molding.

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8 things to consider before renovating a historic home

If you are considering renovating a historic home, there are many things to consider. True renovation, as opposed to a remodeling, can be expensive and difficult. Here are eight things to consider before you begin:

Renovation takes a home back to its historic state during a specific time period.

Remodeling means to upgrade a home and make it functional and modern.

Historic properties may have specific requirements if they are renovated.

Evaluating the condition of the home is necessary before you begin.

You'll need an evaluation of any changes that have already been made.

You'll need to make sure history of the house is complete and accurate.

Modern additions might not work with the restoration and should be evaluated carefully.

You should always consult with experts.

Take the time to consider all these issues before proceeding with your renovation.

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